SSMS Top N Rows

Whenever we work with Azure Synapse through SSMS, we want to quickly preview the top N data. A quick way of achieving it is right-click on the table / view and select but, sometimes we don’t need the 1000’s of rows. Maybe 100 or 10 is sufficient enough. To change the default 1000 rows count,

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KNIME <-> MongoDB (Remove) – Part 3/5

Welcome back, to my KNIME <-> MongoDB Components 5-part series. Today, in this 3rd part, we will discuss how to use MongoDB Remove component from KNIME. MongoDB Remove Workflow Overview MongoDB Remove component, is pretty straight-forward, it accepts data as a JSON format, executes remove operation(s) on the collection/database. In our demo, we have to

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Neo4j 4.3 Relationship Index

After the release of Neo4j 4.3 on June 17th, I wanted to test it during the weekend. The schema of my Dataset The relationship – HAS_RATINGS has count of number of podcast listeners, who have rated from 1 to 5 stars. Query – match (p:Podcast)-[ra:HAS_RATINGS]->(r1:Ratings) where ra.count>4 return,ra.count, ; Difference in profile Neo4j 4.2

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